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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Serendipitous Jo's January Christmas Tree Finish

I have decided to follow the 12 Days of Christmas theme for this year but will dip into the other themes as and when I have something suitable.

This month I have a lovely tiny finish, my first of 2017.  This is Antique Christmas Trees by JBW:

I stitched it over one on 32count white linen using the DMC conversion.  I changed the alphabet to 3721 rather than white which would have just blended into the fabric.  I think it was supposed to be snow under the trees.  The top photo is very true to colour, we have a new lightbulb in the kitchen which seems to work well for colour!  The bottom photo was taken in the living room and I've added some coins for scale:

L-R : 1penny, 1pfennig, 5centimes and 1cent

Friday, 20 January 2017

Extra! Extra! Please check out....

The new kid page on the blog...

The Twelve Days of Christmas Stash Enabling Page....

If you want to find a new The Twelve Days of Christmas design, you should be able to find something to take your fancy there (please note, I have absolutely no affiliation with 123 Stitch or any other online stitching store).

Have fun, 

hugs, Kaye

P.S. If I have left a fabulous design out, please let me know!

Thursday, 19 January 2017

January - 12 Days of Christmas by Margaret Sherry

   I remember the first time that I saw this series.  I was a bit depressed, and it really made me laugh. I couldn’t resist, and got it. My husband says that I have a strange sense of humor, but he liked them too.
    Up first is Miss January, also known as Partridge In A Pear Tree.  I think that she and her friends are adorable. Her daily progress was interesting.
    Isn’t she a pretty, and colorful lady? I’m looking forward to stitching, and introducing Miss February.
    ~ Creating Beauty Mrs S

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

12 Days of Christmas by Michaela Learner

I have chosen to do 12 Days of Christmas by Michaela Learner. You can find the patterns in her Etsy shop here

I have finished the 1st day Partridge in a Pear tree. I hope to be starting the 2nd one soon.
Happy Stitching! East Coast Stitcher

Serendipitous Jo's January Partridge in a Pear Tree

This year I am going to be stitching Joan Elliott's 12 Days of Christmas each month.  I started it on 12th December 2016 and completed one of the Herald Angels for December's theme.

I also stitched on it every day for the 12 Days of Christmas as part of a Challenge on the Stitch Maynia FB page.  Since then I have been focused on finishing the Partridge for this month.  I did have a little break to fit in my Hallowe'en stitching though.

Here is the Partridge in his Pear Tree, minus his beads which will be added at the end:

And here is the whole piece so far:

The plan is to stitch the borders each evening when my son is in the bath and return to Block 2 in February.  You can see where I stitched each block for a decreasing number of days for the challenge!  Block 12 only got stitched on the final 12th Day whereas Block 2 got stitched on every day from the 2nd onwards.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

12 Days of Christmas

  I realize that my first post wasn't in keeping with this SAL. It is actually part of a different SAL.  I was so excited, and nervous learning how to post in a blog for the first time. I completely forgot that I couldn't use it for both. (hand slap to forehead!)
   After a conversation with our sweetheart of an administrator, who helped me learn how to use a blog. It hit me why I had pulled out a 12 Days of Christmas chart that had made me laugh.
   I thought that I'd stitch a Margaret Sherry design. Each stitched as an individual block.
   Thank you Kaye for inviting me to join, and explaining how to do this. You really are a sweetheart.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Rita's Jan. 2017 Ornament

Happy New Year to all!

I was excited about this year's proposal to use the 12 Days of Christmas for a theme here.  A while back I stitched PS 12 Days of Christmas all on one piece of fabric but thought it would be fun to stitch the individual "days" to use as ornaments.  So...when we decided that 12 Days would be an available theme for this year, I jumped on it.

Without further ado, here's my Partridge:

Here's a picture of the whole thing stitched on one piece of fabric: